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    Mersin Airport

    Airport in Mersin

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    Finance Minister Lutfi Elvan announced the end of the tender to complete the construction of Çukurova Airport in Mersin. Elvan said: “The contracting company will start work in 2 weeks. His promise to complete the construction of the airport in Mersin is March 2022. With Allah’s permission, we will all open Çukurova Airport in Mersin together.”

    Minister of Finance Lutfi Elvan attended the 7th regular regional congress of the regional administration of the party. Speaking at the congress, which was attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan via video conference, Elvan reported on the investments made in the city of Mersin during their rule.

    Noting that unimaginable investments have been made in Mersin over 19 years, Elvan said: “When we look at DSI (State Water Supply) investments such as the construction of dams, ponds and especially the improvement of watercourses, DSI (State Water Supply) alone has completed 172 projects building dams, ponds and flood control over the past 19 years. If we look at our management, over 19 years the expenses amounted to almost 10 billion liras.

    We are completing the construction of Sorgun Dam, Aksifat Dam, Aydincik Dam and Pamukluk Dam, which you have been eagerly waiting for and have been talking about for many years, and these four great dams. Work on the alienation of the Cheshmeli-Tashuku highway is ongoing, the project has been completed, I hope that we are planning to hold a tender in the near future.

    Let me clarify that now the highway ends in the village of Cheshmeli and then the road goes through the villages of Kargypinari, Tomyuk, Arpachbakhshish, Erdemli and so on. With all the traffic lights. We are talking about the construction of a bypass road - a highway connecting Tasuca with the Autobahn in the Cheshmeli region. From Tashuzhdu, the construction of a highway to Alanya has been underway for the last 10 years. Many tunnels and high-speed sections of the road are open.

    The tender result for the construction of Çukurova Airport superstructure facilities under the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model, as well as the operation and transfer of the airport, were approved by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu.

    Having won the tender, Favori İşletmecilik AŞ (Favori İşletMecilik JSC) / Yako Tekstil Sanayi ve Dis Ticaret AŞ (Yako Teksil Sanayi ve Dysh Ticaret Şirketi Ltd.) The joint venture undertakes to pay 297.1 million euros plus VAT to the state airports (DHMI) for 25 years operation and invest 155 million euros in the airport.

    In a statement made by DHMİ, it was said that the joint venture Favori İşletmecilik AŞ / Yako Tekstil Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret A won the tender held for Çukurova Airport on November 20 in the 147th round. The joint venture in the last round was informed that DHMI had committed to pay EUR 297 million 100 thousand plus VAT and was reminded that the tender included the construction, operation and transfer of airport superstructure facilities under the BOT.

    It is reported that the result of the tender was approved by Minister Karaismailoğlu.

    “This will add value to the region.”

    “Cukurova Airport will add value to the region. The airport, which will be the gateway of Adana and Mersin to the world, will make Çukurovo an important crossroads in the field of air transport. Çukurova Airport will make a great contribution to the holistic development of both the region and our country.”

    Elvan said: “I know that you have been waiting for Çukurova airport for a long time and you are tired, but we intend to complete this construction.”

    Source https://www.ntv.com.tr/ekonomi/bakan-elvandan-cukurova-havalimani-aciklamasi

    From the latest news:

    As Euromag reports, Çukurova Airport (Çukurova Bölgesel Havalimanı) in the Turkish city of Mersin will open in October 2023.

    Currently, the infrastructure of this airport in Mersin province is 92% complete. Initially, the air harbor was planned to be put into operation back in 2018, but the completion date of construction was postponed several times.

    Source https://www.tourister.ru/world/asia/turkey/city/mercin/news/31683


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