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Churches and holy places in Mersin

Churches and holy places in Mersin

The province of Mersin is the cradle of many civilizations, being the main seat of the Roman Empire. Being a province of Byzantium, this region has preserved hundreds of dwellings, thousands of graves, dozens of palaces and fortresses, as well as dozens of Christian churches that exist to this day next to mosques. Architectural monuments up to 2-2.5 thousand years old are perfectly preserved, because. Mersin is the only seismically safe region in Turkey.

Дом и Колодец Апостола Св. Павла 

There are many shrines in Mersin, places of power revered by people of different nations, religions, even atheists and bioenergetics recognize power invisible to the human eye. One of such places is the cave of Paradise and Hell (Janet - Jahkhanem). Here is automatically a mythological river, where the mother bathed Achilles, the heel holder. After swimming, he received invulnerability, with the exception of one place that was not lowered into the water - the heel. Today people from all over the world come here for healing in the miraculous water, and the riddles of desire in the cave of Paradise. However, not everyone will be destined to plunge into the mysterious river. The place seems to “not let” some people in, and even going down the thousand-year-old steps, which, by the way, are 450, the river may “not appear” to you. The river can appear and disappear in the bowels of the earth at any time. The cave looks like a miraculous temple, where you can find holy images in the rocks and see or to photograph angels (phantoms). The energy, beauty and grandeur of this place is hard to describe. Therefore, we highly recommend everyone to visit the cave of Heaven and Hell.

P. S. The Author of this has seen “playful behavior” within the river numerous times. There’s plentiful scientific evidence surrounding the fact that there’s high a ——volume/frequency—- of energy within his cave.

There are two main buildings in the province in terms of religious tourism.

These consist of the House Church, and Well of the Apostle of Jesus Christ, St.

Paul, located in Tarsus and recognized by the Vatican as a Place of the Cross.

In Tarsus in Hellenized Jewish family was born Saul- future apostle Paul.

According to biblical tradition, on the way to Damascus, Saul was struck by the brightest light from the sky and heard an unknown voice: “Saul, Saul! Why are you persecuting me?" - after which he went blind. The people who went with him brought him to Damascus, where the Christian Ananias healed him. Amazed by what had happened, Saul believed in Christ and was christened. After he converted the proconsul of Cyprus Sergius Paul to Christ, Saul begins to be called Paul.

The second building is declared in the early Christian period as the Place of the Cross of Azize Aya Tekla (Meriemlik) - the Temple of St. Thekla, a building located in Silifika / Bashucu and recognized by both the Muslim and Christian world for holding a meeting of visits. Also within the territory is the Tarsus Cave of Ashaba Kef (Cave of the "Seven Sleepers", "People of the Cave").

The tradition of the "Seven Sleepers" exists in both Christian and Muslim traditions.

Islamic version of this story is pretty popular even nowadays, because of the Koran. A dog is also mentioned in this version, he was following young people and after they covered in cave, he was protecting the entrance. People, who was walking around was thinking that dog is protecting some treasures.

In Christian version there were exactly seven young men, who was guilted because of the belonging to Christian community in persecution’s period.

Seven young people left the town and hided in the cave. When they were founded sleeping in that cave, the Emperor told to close the entrance. Many years after Christian became an official religion. 250 years after that new Emperor was interested to open the entrance and you can imagine how surprised he was when he saw inside seven sleeping men, who didn’t aged. They were sure, they was sleeping just one night.



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Apartments in Mersin

  • New complex 2+1, Mersin, Mezitli - EAZU11
    Additional Info
    • Object ID EAZU21
    • Price 92000
    • Land size, m2 96
    • Distance to the sea, m 660
    • Location 103
    • Status, stage of readiness On the excavation
    • Type of real estate Flats
    • Number of rooms 2+1
    • Number of toilets 1
    • Number of floors 15
  • FLAT 5+1 on excavation, Mersin, Mezitli - DMN51
    Additional Info
    • Object ID DMN51
    • Price 185000
    • Land size, m2 245
    • Distance to the sea, m 2000
    • Location 103
    • Status, stage of readiness On the excavation
    • Type of real estate Flats
    • Number of rooms 5+1, 4+2
    • Number of toilets 3
    • Number of floors 18
  • Flat with furniture, Mersin, Tece - TSMD31
    Additional Info
    • Object ID TSMD31
    • Price 133000
    • Land size, m2 120
    • Distance to the sea, m 500
    • Location 104
    • Status, stage of readiness Secondary housing
    • Type of real estate Flats
    • Number of rooms 3+1
    • Number of toilets 2
    • Number of floors 15
  • NEW Complex 2+1, Mersin, Cheshmeli - SMR002
    Additional Info
    • Object ID SMR002
    • Price 90000
    • Land size, m2 98
    • Distance to the sea, m 1200
    • Location 97
    • Status, stage of readiness On the excavation
    • Type of real estate Flats
    • Number of rooms 2+1
    • Number of toilets 2
    • Number of floors 10
  • Flat 1+1 with huge terrace, Mersin, Arpachbahshish - SK011
    Additional Info
    • Object ID SK011
    • Price 78000
    • Land size, m2 89
    • Distance to the sea, m 200
    • Location 102
    • Status, stage of readiness On the excavation
    • Type of real estate Flats
    • Number of rooms 1+1
    • Number of toilets 1
    • Number of floors 11
    • Floor 2

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